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Global First Year Volunteering

Global FIU is starting a volunteering initiative with the goals of further involving students in their community, giving them extra credit opportunities, experience to put on resumes and helping them develop a life-long interest in volunteering! Our activities this semester include fundraising events on campus like Relay for Life, volunteering at the campus’ Nature Reserve... Continue reading
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Meet the Global First Year Staff: John Swartz

Meet John Swartz! He is our Career Accelerator Program Advisor here at Global First Year. Hometown: Houston, Texas Education: Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Hawaii Pacific University and a Master's Degree in International Education from FIU Countries lived in: Australia, Nepal, Spain, Malaysia and Indonesia Favorite part of the job: "I enjoy helping students realize... Continue reading
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Panther Profile: Idara Akpan

Meet Global First Year student from Nigeria: Idara Akpan Why FIU: When I started looking at universities, something about FIU just drew me in. It looked so tropical, interesting and really fun! The campus is beautiful and the school is in Miami – who doesn’t want to live in Miami? FIU Experience: I love the... Continue reading