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5 “app-ealing” Ways to Learn English

Did you know that there are some great mobile apps to help you with your English? With these apps below, you can get more comfortable using English and discover new words. Soon, you’ll be talking more in class, making new friends and even having fun learning!    Duolingo  Learning should be fun. And Duolingo makes learning and practicing English very fun! How? By turning... Continue reading
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Going “Greek”: About US College Fraternities and Sororities

Walk around Florida International University and you’ll hear students mentioning “Greek life,” fraternities or sororities. Here’s what it all means, so you can better understand this popular aspect of student life at many US universities. What is Greek life? Greek life is the term used to reference fraternities (typically for men) and sororities (typically for... Continue reading
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11 Facts You Didn’t Know about FIU

Florida International University is well-known for its focus on research and embracing the unknown. In that spirit, here are fun facts you should know about FIU while considering where to study! 1. Students come from 142 different countries. Giphy The student population comes from all 50 US states and 142 countries. You’ll get to meet... Continue reading
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Welcome to the Global FIU Blog!

Want to make the most of studying internationally at Florida International University? Then you’ve come to the right place! This blog is just one of the many FIU Global First Year resources available to help you: Prepare for studying internationally, Adjust to American culture and college life, And succeed academically at a school with rich history.... Continue reading