American Culture

Spring Break Adventures

Our Global First Year students got out and about this Spring Break! Some returned to their home countries for the week, taking advantage of the week off from classes to go see friends and family, while others headed out across the United States for some adventure! Check out some of the cool places our students... Continue reading
Life at FIU

35 Global First Year Students Progress

On November 29, Global First Year at FIU celebrated another progression of 35 students through the program and into their second year at Florida International University (FIU). Progressing students represented countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Sweden, Ukraine, China and more. Public Speaking Professor, Nathan Kurland, addressed his students, wishing them the... Continue reading
Life at FIU

Global First Year students participate in FIU “Speak Off”

Earlier this month, three Global First Year students participated in the FIU "Speak Off." The biannual event hosted by the FIU Communication Arts department is designed to showcase the talents of public speaking students. The competition gives students the opportunity to show off their oratorical skills and inspire others through the power of their words. Competitors are... Continue reading